Slot 1

MandraWhore Ultimate Tip Menu

by mandrawhore

Version 1.0.49

Updated February 3, 2024

Mandrawhore Ultimate Tip Menu current features : * 20 Menu Items * Choose the "Activate Links" option to make Item clickables * The name of the Menu is also the command to call it in chat * Colors are fully customizable (Bothe Menu color & Background color) * Choose the periodicity to display the Menu in Chat (can be 0 if you want your Menu to only be available by command to keep chat clean) * Choose the periodicity to display one random Item in Chat (can be 0 if you don't like this feature) Example : Show Feet for only 11 Tokens Type /tipmenu to see the full menu * You can put # before some terms of one Item to make them an Hint : Example : if you have "Show #Feet" for 11 Tokens => Every time someone will say the word feet in chat... the App will throw this menu item => If you asked for "Show Feet" it's only 11 Tokens Still some feature to add... so stay tuned


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