Slot 1

Truth or Dare Game

by sumaekual

Version 0.1.0

Updated October 25, 2022

ā‰ļø š“š‘š”š“š‡ šŽš‘ šƒš€š‘š„ by sumaekual This app has predefined lists of questions and dares, you can use them by checking the boxes in the settings. If the automatic questions/dares are used, the app should not repeat any of the last 5 truths/dares, unless there are too few options to pick from. ā“ļø š‡šØš° š¢š­ š°šØš«š¤š¬ First a member tips the desired price. The app will then randomly pick either TRUTH (you need to answer a question) or DARE (you need to do a small task). If predefined truths/dares are checked in the settings, the app will also randomly pick a question/dare, otherwise the app will tell the user to either ask a question or to tell their dare. šŸ’¬ š‚šØš¦š¦ššš§šš¬ (model only) /truths -- list all predefined truth questions /dares -- list all predefined dares /addtruth [text] -- add a custom truth question /adddare [text] -- add a custom dare /removetruth [number] -- remove a custom or predefined truth question /removedare [number] -- remove a custom or predefined dare /enabletruth [number] -- enable a removed/disabled predefined truth /enabledare [number] -- enable a removed/disabled predefined dare šŸŽØ š“šžš±š­ ššš§š š›šššœš¤š š«šØš®š§š šœšØš„šØš«š¬ - Simple colors: - Pick any color: šŸ“¢ š‚šØš§š­šššœš­ š¦šž - Chaturbate: @sumaekual - Twitter: @_sumaeq_ Try out my other apps too!


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