Slot 1

Room Notices

by smoker919

Version 0.0.8

Updated April 1, 2024

Multi-line welcome message and rotating notices



!notices about - Get the app details (available to everyone)

!notices notice - Send a message to the room (available only to the broadcaster and configured users)


About the author

I am a professional software developer and manager. I was initially inspired to start writing apps on CB to help a certain model manage features of her room and coordinate special shows, but now I find great satisfaction in contributing to the community at large. Please feel free to contact me to ask questions, report defects, make suggestions, request features, or inquire about custom apps. You can also find other apps that I have written by searching for my username in the apps list. I hope that you enjoy my contributions to the CB community!

To DM me:

Telegram: @smoker919



welcome message, enter message, rotating notifier, rotating notices, notices


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