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Lovense Dream

by noiett

Version 4.1.4

Updated April 16, 2024


Lovense Dream is your favorite app for using your remote control toys on Chaturbate. This app is compatible with the most popular Lovense and Ohmibod devices and allows you to integrate them into your room activity, display your levels in the room or tell users the level/pattern that they are activating with their tips.

Lovense Dream does not need synchronization with your device so the only requirement to run it is that you enter your settings and start the app. These are some of the most common devices compatible with Lovense Dream: Lush, Nora, Diamo, Domi, Edge, Edge2, Hush, Hush 2, Max, Max 2, Ferri, Mission, Ohmibod, Esca, Osci, Hyphy, Ambi, Gush, Fucking Machine, Sex Machine.


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Lovense Dream can be run using with the following modes:

Tip Counter : No Goals will be loaded and the app panel will just display information about the vibrations received, the number of users that have tipped during the session or the MVP (Most Valuable Player, or best tipper).

Single Goal : A goal with be loaded and displayed in the panel and the room subject. Once this goal is reached it will be announced in the room and the app will stop reacting to tips until another goal is loaded.

Auto-Reset Goals : This mode will work as a Single Goal that is repeated every time that the token amount is reached. This Goal never ends, it will keep being loaded and the panel will display the number of times the Goal has been reached.


Lovense Dream Panels

This app includes a number of graphic panels that the broadcaster can select in the settings. It also includes the option Classic Panel for those that prefer to stick to the classic blue panel style in their room.

The information displayed in the panels is customizable. The broadcaster can enable/disable the total tokens received and chose between displaying the Last Tip, the Highest Tipper or a Progress bar showing the goal status. To make it even better, the layout is dynamic and from time to time the panel will display additional information for a few seconds (e.g. the Goal description or the Highest Tip received when these options are not selected by the broadcaster).

All panels allow the broadcaster to use different Progress bars (Classic, Revised, Modern, Stars, Hearts) as well as different graphic overlays (Snow, Leaves, Stars). With this app the broadcaster can also change the panel, overlay effect and active toy any time during the show. Just use the commands /panel, /overlay and /toy for this purpose.

Panels Lovense Dream 2023 and Lovense Devil 2023:

BasicPanel1 BasicPanel2

Fancy Panels Red Devil, Pink Devil, Devil Girl and Angel Girl:

BasicPanel5 BasicPanel6 BasicPanel7 BasicPanel8

Toy Levels

Lovense Dream allows you to configure up to 9 levels and all the typical special patterns from Lovense. Your toy configuration can be displayed in the room periodically (this can be disabled in the settings) and users can retrieve it any time using the command /levels.

List of Admin commands:

/ldabout - Shows information about Lovense Dream
/ldtest on|off - Enables/disables the test mode (fake tips)
/whatsnew - Shows the new features in the version
/levels - Shows the lovense levels privately
/levels all - Shows the lovense levels to the room
/levels on|off - Enables/disables the levels notice
/toy - Shows a list with all toys available
/toy [#] - Loads the toy number # from the list of toys
/toy2 [#] - Loads the toy number # as a second toy
/subject - Sets a new subject text (subject section must be enabled)
/counter - Cancels any current goal and starts the tip counter
/goal - Starts a new goal using the default settings
/goal [tokens] [desc] - Starts a new custom goal
/rgoal - Starts a new multi goal (auto-reset) using the default settings
/rgoal [tokens] [desc] - Starts a new custom multi goal (auto-reset)
/next - Advances to the next goal in manual mode
/panel - Shows a list with all panels available
/panel [#] - Loads the panel number # from the list of panels
/overlay - Shows a list with all panel overlays available
/overlay [#] - Loads the overlay number # from the list of overlays
/tokens on|off - Shows/hides the total tokens in the panel


Premium Panels

Lovense Dream is free for everyone to use but includes 16 Premium Panels available only to models that have contributed with any tip of 111 tokens or more. This contribution grants access to all current and future panels forever in the tipping account. Tips must be sent to my Chaturbate Profile with the tipnote Premium V2.

PremiumPanel1 PremiumPanel2 PremiumPanel3 PremiumPanel4 PremiumPanel5 PremiumPanel6 PremiumPanel7 PremiumPanel8
PremiumPanel9 PremiumPanel10
PremiumPanel11 PremiumPanel12
PremiumPanel13 PremiumPanel14
PremiumPanel15 PremiumPanel16

Please allow up to 24h to become premium after sending your tip.


Support the App

If you find this app useful and want to appreciate my work, you can use my link to access the Lovense Store and purchase your toys. It's completely free for you and gives me a compensation for the time I spend maintaining and improving the app.

✅ Lovense Store Link:


Contact Me

To report bugs and problems or if you want to order a custom app.

E-Mail: [email protected]


Chaturbate profile:



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