Slot 1


by cplappdev

Version 0.1.8

Updated October 7, 2022

Developed for CutiePieLili Fair Warning: Any or all features may be subject to change at any time. Current features: * A fun tip menu * A sexy tip menu ** Customisable icon for fun items ** Customisable icon for sexy items ** All items of both menus are entered in the one line of the menu items ** Items are automatically separated into each list, based on the type of the item *** One item has the properties (sexy or fun)|price|name separated by "|" - ex.: fun|1|Support *** Multiple items are separated by ";" - ex.: fun|1|Support;sexy|1|Sexy support *** Mandatory: One item per fun and sexy named [switch] - ex.: fun|11|[switch];sexy|11|[switch] *** Menu is only limited characters entered at menu items (max. 5.000 characters) * Items can be shown in order entered in menu list or ordered by price - [switch] always 1.item * Current active menu is presented to anybody entering the room or called with /menu * Only for broadcaster - send /menuswitch to switch between fun and sexy menu * Mandatory: Tip based menu switch defined as menu item - ex.: fun|11|[switch];sexy|11|[switch] * Customisable menu title - should contain [menutype] - ex.: This is the [menutype] tip menu * Customisable menu reminder - should contain [menutype] - ex.: Check the [menutype] tip menu * Customisable time in seconds how frequent menu reminder is sent * Broadcaster can send current active menu to any user in the room with /menu @username ** Recommended: Optional Mods may also send /menu to users with /menu @username ** Broadcaster receives info in case the menu is sent to a user ** Recommended: Optional Mods receive info in case the menu is sent to a user * Automatic notice to users that request pm in chat ** Optional in case user requests pm in tip notes * Automatic notice to users that request pvt/private/c2c in chat ** Optional in case user requests pvt/private/c2c in tip notes ** Not recommended: Optional for fan club members ** Texts are customisable and lines may be added [newline] - ex.: Line 1[newline]Line 2 * Switch to replace messages from Greys in chat * Customisable text to show instead of the original text sent by Greys ** Only broadcaster receives a copy of original text * Only for broadcaster: Whisper function - send /whisper @username and the Message * Only for broadcaster: Warning function - send /warning @username and the Message ** Sends a warning to the User and informs mods - if recommended parameter set * Mandatory: Transform messages is necessary to replace messages from Greys ** And all commands starting with "/" are only removed from chat if permission active


PermissionsAll permissions granted.
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