Slot 1


by sondages

Version 0.0.10

Updated April 14, 2024

This menu allows you two pretty cool things:

The detection of ON or OFF:

For example, if you have the action 't-shirt OFF' in your menu, if someone tips for this action, then it will turn into t-shirt ON afterwards.

The addition of a mini timer:

If you have an action 'do something for 30 seconds,' then a timer will start if someone tips for it. A message will appear in the chat every 10 seconds to indicate the remaining time, and the end of the timer.


It is possible to add an end-of-show timer. From the settings, set the timer duration in minutes. A reminder of the timer will be added to the chat every 5 minutes with the description message you have chosen.

It is also possible to offer a 50% promotion on all menu items once there are only 5 minutes left on the timer. Everything is automatic, and viewers will be notified in the chat about the promotion.

It is also possible to offer a 50% discount on all items on the menu for 1 minute. This promotion occurs randomly during the timer duration (up to 7 minutes before the end, as there is already a promotion 5 minutes before the end).


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