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Stop Spam

by boywithlove81

Version 1.0.34

Updated March 27, 2024

⛔ Stop Spam app description ✅ Please enable "Transform messages" in the permissions section below or the app won't work! You may set "Chat Allowed By" => "All Users" in the gear tab settings. This app will help you to handle the chat with greys automatically. It will bring more communication and keep more users in your chatroom. Otherwise you can allow chat only for users who tipped or have tokens. The app will work for them only too. The antispambot silences the following messages: • Grey users: - messages containing bad words from your list the settings - messages with special characters - messages which are very long - messages containing internet domains, snapchat, social media spam - messages containing demands for pm and emoticons containing pm demands - porn emoticons, if they can be recognized by their name - silence grey users containing a word from blacklist in their username - the first message of greys, when there are more than 120 greys in your room (high traffic mode) - the first message of greys, when it contains a bad word from a predefined word list or when it's spam - messages containing phone numbers - messages of greys trying to force you to turn themselves off, demands to change your "Chat Allowed By" setting - messages containing repeated words four or more times - messages containing Arabic letters A mode for high traffic is automatically activated, when there are 120 ore more greys and is deactivated, when there are 104 or less greys in your chatroom. There are two internal word lists, which will be activated automatically. This prevents more unwanted messages of grey users in the chat. You can activate the predefined word list permanently in the settings for greys or for all users. • Colored users (not broadcaster, moderator or fanclub member): - many spam messages listed for grey users - female models advertising in your room - messages containing an URL of a chaturbate profile - messages containing snapchat spam and others - messages containing chinese letters with phone numbers The broadcaster, moderators and fanclub members are never silenced by the Stop Spam app! About silencing greys and colored users for the rest of the day (12 hours): Grey users can be silenced for the rest of the day, if they are detected as spam bots, or if they write bad words and behave maliciously too often. Colored users will be silenced for the rest of the day, when... - they demand for pm for 8 times. In practice, this happens very rarely. They will be informed in a private chat message about that at the penultimate and the last time. - they write the bad words, which you added to the bad words list in the settings for five times. They will be informed in a private chat message about that at the penultimate and the last time. - they write specific messages, which are usually only written by bots. They will not be informed about that. In my experience, this will not affect normal users unless they write spam messages on purpose. All automatic mutes will be canceled at the earliest 12 hours after the start of your stream or when the app is restarted. There are also other rules, when single messages are silenced, depending on your app settings. Broadcasters, moderators and fanclub members will never be silenced by Stop Spam! You can't silence them with Stop Spam using your app settings or commands! ================================================== • Show spam logs: (Not all messages are logged, to keep the logs clean.) /sg => show grey logs (users without tokens) /sc => show colored logs (users with tokens or tipped recently) /st => show traffic mode status, whether predefined lists were activated for greys automatically ================================================== /bad => show bad words list (can be seen by the moderators and by the app developer) ================================================== • Commands blacklist for greys: - Scenario: A grey user terrorizes you in your room. After silencing him, he returns with a new account over again and goes on with the mess. He uses similar usernames like youarebad, goawaybadgirl, hateyoubad. With the following commands, you can silence all greys, which username contains the word "bad". You can also add the full username. - Commands: /uadd bad ==> add the word "bad" to the blacklist /udel bad ==> delete the word "bad" from blacklist /uclear ==> clear blacklist /uadd (without adding a word) ==> show blacklist This option does not affect colored users, but only greys. The blacklist will be auto cleared, when you restart the bot. ================================================== /h or /help ==> show help menu ================================================== The commands only work for the broadcaster, moderators and for the app developer boywithlove81! Spam users may be auto-silenced by the bot for the current session! The antispambot does not use a captcha mode for usual messages but only a message filter mode. Changelog v0.3.0: - predefined bad words list added - more detections for spam messages v0.3.x - small changes in the code to improve spam protection v0.4.0 - silence messages of greys with more than 530 characters, sends out a messages after three and four times v0.5.0 - silence messages containing phone numbers - several optimizations v0.5.x - further several optimizations v0.6.x - bug: on rare occasions appears "ReferenceError: Key does not exist in storage:..." => fixed - several changes and performance optimizations v0.7.x - messages with bad words containing spaces and punctuation marks are also silenced - several bug fixes and optimizations v0.8.x - messages containing repeated words too often will be silenced - better recognition for emoticons with website spam - several bug fixes and optimizations v0.9.x - for greys: messages containing Arabic letters will be silenced - new options: for "Use internal predefined bad words list" and for "Block PM demands" you can set "greys and lightblue". You can choose that not all colored users, but greys and lightblue users only will be checked for these messages. - several bug fixes and optimizations v1.0.x - better recognition when a model advertises in the room - displays a warning message, when the permission "Transform messages" is disabled - the app contains all basic features and will get more adjustments and improvements in the future


PermissionsAll permissions granted.
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