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Click and Follow

by nicolahaie98

Version 0.0.4

Updated February 12, 2024

Click and Follow

This app send a clickable message to user to follow your room šŸ–±ļø User just have to click on message to start following you āœ…

āš™ļø Configuration

Message content - Remember message to send to user
Thanks message content - Thanks message to send for new follower
Interval - Time between each menu message in seconds
Send on Join - Ask user to follow when he joins your broadcast
Send Thanks to everyone - Send thanks message to everyone (otherwise, only to user)
Display number of new followers - Display amount of new followers if thanks message is send to everyone
Reset new followers number - Reset the amount of new followers (never, or at each start of live)

šŸ—’ļø Releases

12 FEB 2024 - 0.0.4-beta
ā€¢ Add settings to never reset new followers count
31 JAN 2024 - 0.0.3-beta
ā€¢ Fix bug where join message was cut
28 JAN 2024 - 0.0.2-beta
ā€¢ Add total number of followers
26 JAN 2024 - 0.0.1-beta
ā€¢ First functional version of the app

šŸ“ž Contact

Profile: nicolahaie98
Email: [email protected]


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