Slot 1

EZ Multi Goal

by captain_bongwater

Version 1.0.17

Updated July 7, 2022

This is a simple progressive goals bot with 10 goals. It will cycle from goals 1 to 10 then automatically restart back at goal 1. It can handle tips large enough to roll through all 10 goals multiple times. Can be used for repeating goals by setting all 10 to same values, though this app currently does not keep count of how many times goal is reached! NEW: Use command !resetgoals to reset the goals upon starting a new stream without restarting the app! This app will set the room subject according to this format (Greeting-goal-tokens remaining/goal-hashtags) All fields are required, but can be left blank by filling with a space or 0 for price values. Also this app will require the video panel to place goal information there. This can be disabled by setting "Set Title" to false in the settings on startup. This app is a WIP and will continually improve. Preforms well and accurately in testing. Barring that you should not have any issues, if you do please post a comment below and ill get back to you as soon as possible! Or feel free to message @Capn_Bongwater on twitter with any bug reports or ideas. Latest update allows you to disable the app setting rooms title if you want to set your own manually! Next planned update: Progress bar animation for video panel.


PermissionsAll permissions granted.
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