Slot 1

Secret Show ++

by noiett

Version 4.6.17

Updated March 23, 2024


This app allows the broadcaster to hide the cam any time during the show to:

  • Perform hidden Pay Per Minute shows for room users.

  • Allow users to spy privates from other sites.

The hidden show can be started manually or automatically with a timer. Users are allowed to purchase access or viewing time when the cam is hidden or the countdown to start is running. During these times users are encouraged to tip and join the show.

List of Modes:

Full Show : Users can access the hidden show with a single tip and watch until the show is over. At the end of the show users may be removed or keep their access for the next show, depending on the bot settings.

Pay per Minute : Users can watch the hidden show for the number of minutes they purchase and they can send tips of any amount to increase their viewing time during the show. The broadcaster can also add users manually for the full show or increase their remaining time. When a hidden show ends all remaining times can be saved for the next one (only while bot stays loaded).

No Tippers : This mode is a True Private for any users that the broadcaster decides to add to the show. They can be added for the full show either manually with the command /add [user] or using the VIP list in the settings. Tippers cannot access this hidden show in any way and are warned about it in the hidden cam message.

Quick Start commands:

/start - Starts a hidden show with the default price
/start [price] - Starts a hidden show with a custom price
/start [user] - Starts a hidden show and adds the user to the show
/stop - Ends a running hidden show
/away - Ends a running hidden show and goes to away mode (no viewers)
/back - Ends the away mode and returns to public broadcast
/add [user] - Adds a user to the hidden show
/remove [user] - Removes a user from the hidden show
/list - Shows all users in the hidden show
/reset - Removes all users and viewing times from the hidden show

Pay Per Minute commands:

/addtime [user] [minutes] - Adds viewing time to a user in pay per minute
/deltime [user] [minutes] - Subtracts viewing time to a user in pa per minute
/timesall - Shows all users with time remaining in pay per minute
/time - Shows your time remaining in pay per minute (users only)

Show Timer commands:

/tstart [minutes] - Starts a hidden show after a number of minutes
/tstart [minutes] [price] - Starts a show with custom price after a number of mins
/tstop [minutes] - Ends a running hidden show after a number of minutes
/tcancel - Cancels the start or the end of the hidden show
/tadd [minutes] - Adds time to the remaining to start or end the hidden show
/tdel [minutes] - Subtracts time from the timer to start or end the hidden show

Other commands:

/sshelp - Show a list with all secret show commands
/ssabout - Shows information about Secret Show ++


Contact Me

To report bugs and problems or if you want to order a custom app.

E-Mail: [email protected]


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