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Click and Tip

by nicolahaie98

Version 0.0.12

Updated February 9, 2024

Click and Tip

This app send menu with clickable items šŸ–±ļø User just have to click on menu to pre-configure the tip šŸŖ™

šŸš© Commands

šŸ’  /menu, !menu, /tipmenu, !tipmenu - Receive the menu
šŸ’  /stats, !stats - Have a look at your stats since install of app (only for owner)

āš™ļø Configuration

Interval - Time between each menu message in seconds
Send on Join - Send menu to user when he joins the live
Menu sorting
ā€¢ items (default) - Sort by items in settings
ā€¢ items-reverse - Sort by items in settings from end
ā€¢ price - Sort by price
ā€¢ price-reverse - Sort by price (from most to least expensive)
Send Tip Message - Send a message in the chat when a user tips for an item
Send Remember Command - Send a message in the chat to remember the command to users
ā€¢ love (default) - Pink theme (ā¤ļø)
ā€¢ funny - Green/Yellow theme (šŸŒ)
ā€¢ rainbow - Pink/Yellow/Blue theme (šŸŒˆ)
ā€¢ Format - amount*message (emotes, symbols, numbers, ... in messages allowed)
ā€¢ If an error occurred with your tip, tip will be removed from the list and you will received a warning in the chat to help you

šŸ—’ļø Releases

09 FEB 2024 - 0.0.12-beta
ā€¢ Sort stats by number of tips
01 FEB 2024 - 0.0.11-beta
ā€¢ Update items list from 20 to 40 items
27 JAN 2024 - 0.0.10-beta
ā€¢ Fix stats cleared at stop
24 JAN 2024 - 0.0.9-beta
ā€¢ Add totals tips + total tokens on stats
19 JAN 2024 - 0.0.8-beta
ā€¢ Add stats for owner

šŸ“ž Contact

Profile: nicolahaie98
Email: [email protected]


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