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by 4science

Version 0.4.69

Updated April 7, 2024

Can't go wrong with a Classic!

Easy to use and fully covers all the CrazyTicket commands you already know! CrazyTicket was originally coded by acrazyguy but this is a complete rewrite of the code and includes lots of improvement.

Currently, there is an issue when running two apps simultaneously that use hidden show functionality (such as Secret Show, Record Breaker, and apps that disable grey viewers). Please ensure that these apps are turned off before running the ticketing app.

Here are just a few of the improvements we've made:

  • Sturdier add command: Use @username to prevent typos and get clearer feedback in the chat when adding users.
  • Better support for buyers: The app tracks late buyers, people who didn't tip the right price ( like someone not in the fan club) and try to give clear warnings to the tippers and the moderators.
  • VIP pricing: Special price for special members!
  • Automatic back up: You can now use /backuplist to get a comprehensive list of all buyers from past shows. This feature is especially useful in case the app was turned off by accident or if the server crashed, as it allows you to easily recover past show data.
  • Improve timer: Control the timer with /addtime or automatically start the show with /autostart once the timer ends (off by default).
  • Alternative commands: Use commands like /endsale and /almostover for more intuitive control.
  • More support for fan club: IF you enable free ticket for Fan club members, they will get their ticket automatically without the need to refresh.
  • Fully automated outstanding ticket (not on by default): The app keeps track of used tickets and removes them automatically. You no longer have to export the list somewhere.
  • Improved help file and error feedback: Get clear instructions and feedback on any errors. You can get more information on how to use a command by using a question mark after the command like this '/commandname ?'.

This is still actively being developed. Things may break. Please send me a message if you encounter any issues. Thank you.

You can contact me with bugs or suggestions on twitter @the4science or by email [email protected]

  • Room subject and notice

The setting Show Description will change the room subject but will also appear in a chat notice. You can use {newline} to add a new line to the chat notice. For example : "We move to the bedroom. {newline} To make the bed." will appear in chat like this:


  • VIP pricing

You can set up a special discount for an external fan club. We have chosen to control the club entirely through chat commands. This way, you can add users while the app is running, and it will save the list without requiring you to add them again the next time you set up the app. You can add a user using /addvip @username and remove them using /delvip @username. Additionally, the app accepts /ctaddvip and /ctdelvip if the original commands cause issues with your other apps. You can find the full list of commands on the VIP section of this page or use /cmds vip.

--------- COMMAND LIST ---------

Note: When using commands that mention users, you have the option to include the '@' symbol before the username to enable autofill, reducing the chance of making a typo. Additionally, you can include multiple users by listing their names with either a space or a comma between them. For example, to add users @username1 and @username2, use the command '/add @username1, @username2' or '/add username1, username2'.

  • /add @username - Manually adds one or more viewers to the ticket holder list.
  • /del @username - Manually removes a user from the ticket holder list.
  • /check @username - Checks if a user is a ticket holder.
  • /tickets - Shows a list of ticket holders.
  • /pass - Indicates if you have a show ticket.
  • /gift @username - Allows a viewer with a ticket to gift their ticket to another viewer.
  • /giftinfo - Provides more detailed information about the /gift command.
  • /claimticket - Allows fan club members to claim their free ticket without needing to refresh.
  • /tipped @username - Allows moderators and broadcasters to verify if a user has tipped since the app started.
  • /ctstartnotice - Starts a notice in chat that states the show goal, description, and price. Useful for V1 apps that use the panel.
  • /ctinfo - Give information about the current show. Show description, price etc


  • /backuplist - Shows the list of past shows, which can be helpful for recovering the list when the app was turned off or the server crashed.
  • /backuplist X - See the list of buyers from session X. 1 is the most recent one, 20 is the oldest one.
  • /addbackup X - Add all the buyers from a previous session to the current show.
  • /searchbackup @username - Displays a list of all past shows that the user has purchased tickets for.
  • /timezone X - Will fix the time displayed on the backup list. You have to find the time difference with UTC 0. For example, you can use "/timezone -5" to set your time zone to Eastern Standard Time (EST).


  • /starttimer X - Starts a timer that displays the number of minutes until the show starts.
  • /autostart X - Automatically starts the show after X minutes.
  • /addtime X - Adds X minutes to the countdown timer. Negative numbers can be used to subtract time.
  • /stoptimer - Stops the show countdown timer.
  • /timeleft - Displays the remaining time on the "time until show" timer.
  • /showtime - Displays the length of time a Hidden Cam show has been in progress.

------Controlling the Show-------

  • /startshow - Starts a hidden cam show, letting only ticket holders see the cam feed.
  • /stopshow - Stops any hidden cam show in progress, suspends ticket sales, and returns to normal public mode.
  • /returntopublic - Allow to return to public if the show was started by error. This will not stop sale.
  • /showover - Sends a "nearing end of show" message to viewers entering the room during a Hidden Cam show. Type "/showover ?" for expanded help.
  • /almostover - Same as showover but might be easier to remember what it does.
  • /showend - Clearly indicates to viewers that the show has ended, even though the room cam is still hidden, and ticket sales have been suspended.
  • /endsale - Same as showend but might be easier to remember what it does.
  • /restartsale - Enable the sale of ticket again without losing the list of tippers.
  • /addlate - Add all users that bought a ticket after sale ended.
  • /newshow - Restarts ticket sales after a show has ended. Does NOT clear existing tickets. The broadcaster must use /ctreset to clear all tickets.
  • /ctprice X - Changes the ticket price to X tokens.
  • /ctpricetimer X - Changes the ticket price to X tokens in 60 seconds.
  • /fanprice X - Changes the ticket price for fan club members to X tokens. X can also be "free" to give a free ticket to all fans or "off" if they should pay the same price as other viewers. For example, to set the fan price to free, use the command "/fanprice free".
  • /ctshowprice - Shows the price of the ticket in a chat notice.
  • /ctreset - Clears all ticket holder lists and prepares ClassicTicket for ticket sales for a new show.

------Controlling the App-------

  • /new - Lists any new features in ClassicTicket.
  • /subject [new subject] - Allows mods to change the room subject. The new subject is displayed verbatim.
  • /ctsubject [new subject] - Allows mods to change the room subject. The new subject is displayed with 'ClassicTicket:' leader and 'Type /cmds' trailer.
  • /hilite on - Toggles text highlighting for ticket holders on/off. Type '/hilite ?' for expanded help.
  • /schat on - Suppresses public chat during a 'hidden cam' show. Type '/schat ?' for expanded help.
  • /hidetotal on - Suppresses the total tips display in the info panel. Type '/hidetotal ?' for expanded help.
  • /email on - Tells ClassicTicket to check for an email address in the tip note. Alerts the viewer, mods, and broadcaster if the email is missing.

------VIP pricing-------

  • /vip - Display if the VIP pricing is on or off.
  • /vip ? - A quick help file on VIP pricing.
  • /viplist - Displays a list of everyone who can take advantage of the VIP pricing.
  • /addvip @username - Add the user to the VIP list.
  • /ctaddvip @username - Same as above.
  • /delvip @username - Remove the user from the VIP list.
  • /ctdelvip @username - Same as above.
  • /vip off - Turns off the VIP pricing. This will keep the list for further shows but disable the special price for this one.
  • /vip on - Will turn the VIP pricing on. If no VIP pricing was placed on the setup page, you have to use "/vipprice X" first.
  • /vipprice X - Set the price for the VIPs.
  • /vipprice off - Turns off the VIP pricing.
  • /vipclear - Removes everyone from the VIP list.
  • /vipcheck @username - Check if the user is a VIP.

--------Mini Goal---------

  • /cttrackgoal X Description - Help to keep track of a goal where X is the amount of tokens. Description is optional. Can be use before or after the show starts.
  • /cttrackgoal off - Turns the goal tracking off.
  • /cttrackgoal - Will show the current tracked goal if enable.

--------Outstanding Ticket System---------

  • /ots - States if OTS is on or off.
  • /ots on - Turns OTS on.
  • /ots off - Turns OTS off.
  • /addots @username - Gives an outstanding ticket to a user. The system doesn't need to be on to add a user but they will not be able to use it until it is on.
  • /delots @username - Removes a user from the outstanding ticket list.
  • /useticket - Allows a user to claim an outstanding ticket, adding them to the current show and removing their saved ticket.
  • /saveticket - Allows a user to save their current ticket if the show hasn't started yet. They will be able to use it at a later date.
  • /otslist - See the current list of users with a saved ticket.
  • /usedots - See the list of users that used their saved ticket this session.

------Chat Notice-------

  • /ctn [message] - Sends a one-time notice to the chat.
  • /ctnd [message] - Sends a one-time public notice with divider lines.
  • /ctnh [message] - Sends a one-time public notice with highlighting.
  • /ctndh [message] - Sends a one-time public notice with divider lines and highlighting.
  • /ctm [message] - Sends a private notice to the mods as a group.
  • /ctb [message] - Sends a private notice to the broadcaster.
  • /ctbm [message] - Includes the broadcaster in private messages between the moderators.
  • /ctt [message] - Sends a private notice to all ticket holders.
  • /ctv @username [message] - Sends a private notice to one viewer.
  • /fcp - If fans have special ticket pricing, sends an advert to ONLY the fans in the room indicating the price.
  • /fcpa - If fans have special ticket pricing, sends the special pricing advert to everyone.

------User List-------

  • /tickets - Displays a list of ticket holders.
  • /viplists - Displays a list of the VIPs.
  • /plist - Displays a list of only the paid ticket holders.
  • /oplist - Displays a list of users who tipped the old price after it was raised.
  • /alist - Displays a list of manually added ticket holders.
  • /aalist - Displays a list of auto-added ticket holders.
  • /vlist - Displays a list of ticket holders in the room.
  • /nrlist - Displays a list of ticket holders not in the room.
  • /ltlist - Displays a list of lifetime ticket holders.
  • /giftlist - Displays a list of gifted tickets.

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