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Tina's Goals

by noiett

Version 1.0.2

Updated December 12, 2023

Tina's Goals

Tina's Goals is a simple yet powerful app that allows you to run different types of Goals in your room. It includes a number of configuration settings and different additional features to help you during the sessions such as tip responses or subject updates.

This app can be run in 5 different main modes:

Tip Counter : No Goals will be loaded and the panel with just display information about the tips received or the users that have tipped the most during the session.

Single Goal : Only one goal with be loaded and displayed in the panel and the room subject. Once the goal is reached it will be announced in the room and the app will stop reacting to tips until another goal is loaded.

Auto-Reset Goals : This mode will work as a Single Goal that is repeated every time that the token amount is reached. This Goal never ends, it will keep being loaded and the panel will display the number of times the Goal has been reached.

Goal Counter : This is an Auto-Reset Goal with the focus set on the number of Goals hit instead of the goal description. It can be used to offer different shows when reaching a certain number of Goals. This mode does not use the features Tippers needed (a single tipper is always enough to reach every Goal).

Multi-Goal : All the goals entered in the settings will be loaded in a list that users must reach one after another. Goals are loaded either automatically after the previous one is reached or manually, using the command /next.

The modes Single Goal, Tip Counter, and Auto-Reset Goals modes load the first Goal defined in the settings by default but a different Goal can be defined when the user loads these modes with the commands /goal, /rgoal and /cgoal.

The broadcaster can cancel the current mode or Goal any time just by loading a different one. So if there is a Single Goal running the only command needed to change to Multi-Goal is /mgoal, /counter to change to Tip Counter, etc.

Special Features

Tippers Needed : The broadcaster can set an optional number of tippers needed to reach each Goal. The number will be displayed in the panel, in the subject and in the goal tip responses when needed. After the Goal is reached in both, number of tokens and tippers, both numbers are reset to the initial values for the next Goal.

Rotating Tags : Chaturbate allows a maximum of 5 valid tags in a room subject but with Tina's Goals the broadcaster can add a greater number and display them in a random fashion. Tags are updated either when a new Goal starts or every X minutes, depending on the settings.

Gift Tips : The broadcaster can set an optional word that users can add to their tipnotes to turn their tips into gifts. Gifts will be announced as such and won't count for the current Goal.

Goal status notification : This is an optional rotating notice that will be displayed in the room including the current goal information and progress or a complete list of Goals when the Multi-Goal mode is enabled.

Tip Responses : Every time a user tips for the Goal an optional notice can be displayed showing the tokens left to reach the Goal and the percentage of progress achieved.

Goal Timer : This timer is built inside the app specifically to track the progress of the current Goal and limit the time available to reach it. It allows the broadcaster to set an action that will be taken when the time is over and the Goal has not been reached (e.g. restart the Goal).

Ticket Show : Tina's Goals includes a version of the Dream Ticket app that can be launched any time using the command /ticket on or /ts on. During the time while the Ticket Show is running any active Goals will be halted and will disappear from the panel. The app will resume the pending Goals as soon as the Ticket Show is disabled by the broadcaster. The Ticket Show can also be launched automatically when all Goals have been reached.

Quick start commands:

/counter - Cancels any current goal and starts the tip counter
/goal - Starts a new goal using the default settings
/goal [tokens] [tippers] [desc] - Starts a new custom goal
/rgoal - Starts a new multi goal (auto-reset) using the default settings
/rgoal [tokens] [tippers] [desc] - Starts a new custom multi goal (auto-reset)
/cgoal - Starts a new goal counter using the default settings
/cgoal [tokens] [tippers] [desc] - Starts a new custom goal counter
/skip - Skips the current goal and moves to the next one
/next - Advances to the next goal in manual mode (goal must be reached)
/mgoal - Starts a new multi goal using all goals in the settings
/tokens on|off - Shows/hides the total tokens in the panel
/gnotice on|off - Enables/disables the goal status rotating notification

Goal Timer commands:

/gtimer [minutes] - Starts the goal timer countdown
/gtimer stop - Cancels the goal timer
/gtimer add [minutes] - Adds time to the goal timer
/gtimer minus [minutes] - Subtracts time from the goal timer

Ticket Show commands:

/ticket on|off - Loads/disables the ticket show
/ticket [price] [title] - Loads a ticket show with a custom price and title
/startshow - Hides the cam and starts a hidden show with all ticket holders
/startshow [minutes] - Starts the hidden show after a specific number of minutes
/stopshow - Stops a running hidden show (can be resumed with /start)
/stopshow [minutes] - Ends the current hidden show after a specific number of minutes
/cancel - Cancels a scheduled hidden show start
/sales on|off - Starts or suspends the sales of tickets
/tickets - Shows a list with all ticket holders
/adduser [user] - Adds a user to the ticket holders list
/deluser [user] - Removes a user from the ticket holders list
/reset - Resets the ticket holders list (removes all tickets)

This app takes advantage of the V2 Apps features to allow editing settings with no need to reload the app. Take into account though that if you change the Goal Mode or you edit the content of the goal tokens or description in the settings the app will load the Goal(s) again and any current progress will be lost.

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