Slot 1

Brigitte's Toolbox

by zeppelin6081

Version 0.0.13

Updated September 28, 2023

[WIP - Do Not Use] Toolbox with simple tools to turn on/off. Tools: - Hide all commands in public chat ('/<command>', or '!<command>') - Whisper messages in public chat (be careful, might still be buggy and leaking whispered messages) - whisper: '/w @<receiver> <message>' - set only whispers mode: - turn On: '/onlywhispers on [<receiver>]' --- this turns every message ('<message>') into '/w @<receiver> <message>', the <receiver> option is optional - overwrite the receiver for a single message by using '@<other_receiver> <message>' - if <receiver> is not set, the message needs to start with '@<receiver>' for each <message> - to send a public message while in onlywhispers mode use '/p <message>' - turn Off: '/onlywhispers off' Contact: šŸ“§ [email protected] ------------------------- Planned: šŸ—¹ hide commands šŸ—¹ whisper messages ā˜ follow statistics


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